TV Club: A complacent episode of Raw repeats much of Sunday’s Night Of Champions

After last night’s solid if somewhat uneventful Night Of Champions, there’s an air of complacency hanging over tonight’s episode of Raw. The weeks leading up to Sunday’s PPV promised change and shifts in power. There was mystery to who would partner up with Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose against the Wyatt Family, if Charlotte would manage to pull out the win for real after getting cheated out of the title last week, and whether Seth Rollins could survive back-to-back matches. The result of all those weeks of building mystery and intrigue? The two “surprises” of the night end up being the return of two stars from the ‘90s, Kane and Chris Jericho. Cue Xavier playing a sad trombone riff.

The creative complacency that largely defined Night Of Champions extends to Raw, where so much of the three-hour show is spent underlining the events from the previous …

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