TV Club: A comedy of errors makes for a messy, unfunny Modern Family

Every now and then, Modern Family likes to get its Arrested Development on by rolling out an episode that’s filled with a lot of ludicrous situations built upon a number of lies, only to have everything eventually tie together at the end of the episode. Some of the earliest and best seasons of the show managed to pull this off, adding in the saccharine but undeniably charming emotional element along with all the intricate plotting. There’s no reason Modern Family can’t continue to produce such episodes—generally speaking, they don’t necessitate the more nuanced character work that drives some of the show’s more stirring episodes—but if “Pig Moon Rising” is an example of the show’s execution, there’s evidence enough that perhaps such convoluted plots just don’t quite work anymore.

It’s hard to really point to a single reason why “Pig …

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