TV Club: A clunky Star Wars Rebels is redeemed by solid action, solid pacing, and solid Hando

Let’s discuss the weaknesses of “The Wynkahthu Job” first. There are two pretty important dramatic points that this episode brings up, just to abandon them. The first is the issue over Ezra being so smitten by Hondo. Hera rightly calls this out. Hando is fun to watch, but he is definitely too dangerous to trust, so making Zeb the leader of this mission over Ezra was the right idea. Hera and Kanan discuss this, in which Kanan says that Ezra needs to learn this on his own. Which–no. Not in the middle of a rebellion where life and death, success and failure is constantly at stake. Ezra does exhibit some moments where he starts to lose his admiration for Hondo (with his casual acceptance of supposedly dead/missing partners), but Ezra never seems to come to the full realization of Hondo’s dishonesty (despite multiple examples). The second …

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