TV Club: A clunky, droid-centric Star Wars Rebels is saved by its sheer weirdness

When The Clone Wars did a droid-focused arc, for the most part the show maintained a scrappy, oddly-appealing tone to keep the audience’s attention (we’ll just ignore that “Void” arc). Watching R2-D2 escape a number of scrapes was amusingly exciting. The interplay between said droid and C-3PO was cliche but fun. And most importantly, the show established a strange but effective bond between Anakin and R2-D2; both would go through some crazy adventures to save the other, nonsensical human/droid dichotomy be damned. (If I remember correctly, Ahsoka actually questions Anakin on this, and his reply acknowledges the oddness of their relationship while emphasizing the friendship.) The problem with Chopper and AP-5 is that they have no core connection like that to anyone in the Ghost crew. This is strange because Chopper, in particular, should have that kind of Anakin/R2-D2 connection with Hera. (She rebuilt him when …

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