TV Club: A clown caper and a botched bachelor party represent the best and worst of Modern Family

“Finding Fizbo” is the kind of episode title that sends a shiver down one’s spine. That reaction might not totally be fair, as Fizbo is a relatively harmless fictional character, but there’s something about a show in its eighth season still rolling out bit characters well past their expiration date that just can’t help but induce a feeling of helplessness. Fizbo is fine, but is Fizbo still necessary and can Modern Family find a way to bring him back that doesn’t feel like the show just revisiting a past character because what else is there to do at this point? I mean, Fizbo all but disappeared when Mitchell accidentally gave the costume away, but now he’s back just weeks later. We’ve barely had time to grieve!

To Modern Family‘s credit, “Finding Fizbo” actually uses the specter of the forgotten Fizbo to tell a …

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