TV Club: A climactic Rectify wishes you and yours a “Happy Unburdening”

The title of “Happy Unburdening” is spoken sarcastically: It’s a loaded barb from Amantha to Janet expressing frustration, jealousy, and incredulity in the space of two words. She’s frustrated with her family and the people of Paulie, jealous of the bonding occurring between her mother and her step-brother (and the closure it represents), and incredulous that she just went to a roller rink to accept an apology from the guy who nearly beat her biological brother to death—a meeting that ends with her playing courier between Judy Dean and Janet Talbot. All things considered, I think she’s earned the right to get a little snippy.

But like many of the scenes that make up “Happy Unburdening,” Amantha’s insult has a shadow elsewhere in the episode. Read “happy unburdening” at face value and it still has a ring of irony to it, but it can also …

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