TV Club: A brisk pace keeps Modern Family feeling fresh in its season premiere

Modern Family is always at its best when there’s a little chaos to its stories. It suits the type of humor the show often shoots for and, more importantly, it works to the strength of the ensemble cast. The more heartfelt moments certainly keep the show grounded and keep the characters moving forward, but it’s the chaos that keeps things fresh and funny. That’s never more important for a sitcom than when it moves into its later seasons. Now in its seventh season, Modern Family is more than predictable, but predictability can also mean reliability. For the most part, tonight’s premiere, “Summer Lovin,” is a solid, reliable episode of Modern Family, but it’s also one that perhaps shows how hard it will be for the show to remain compelling and surprising week in and week out.

“Summer Lovin” lives and dies by its structure. Starting …

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