TV Club: A Bob’s Burgers double feature spotlights the show’s versatility

Tonight’s episodes almost certainly weren’t intended to run as a double feature, instead ending up paired as yet another quirk of Fox’s ever baffling scheduling. But it’s fun to consider the parallels between “Aquaticism” and “Ain’t Miss Debatin’.” Both feature Louise hatching an absurd scheme. Both find a bunch of adults who really ought to know better not just going along but getting actively swept away by the childish silliness. Both feature just crushingly awkward romances between would-be couples who barely have any idea what they’re doing. Sure, some similarities are more superficial than others – I’m not claiming I’ve cracked the Bob’s Burgers storytelling code or anything. But tonight’s episodes illustrate how the show doesn’t necessarily need to be a fount of endless creativity to work. In fact, the show can unlock an endless variety of stories from a …

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