TV Club: A Bob’s Burgers double feature shows the family at its supportive best

Though it’s almost certainly an unintentional accident of scheduling—the tax-themed “Large Brother, Where Fart Thou?” sure feels like it was meant to have aired around April 15—tonight’s pair of episodes work well as companion pieces. Both episodes explore how the Belcher children view one another, particularly when Bob and Linda are busy with solid contenders for the two stupidest subplots in the show’s history. (I mean that as a high compliment, for the record. And pun not initially intended.) That Louise is impulsive and self-absorbed is well-established, but both “Large Brother, Where Fart Thou?” and “The Quirkducers” find new territory for her dynamic with her siblings to play out. The results are two simple, very funny episodes that take the show very nicely into Thanksgiving, even if the holiday-themed episode doesn’t give us the latest iteration of Bob’s doomed love affair with cooking …

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