TV Club: A beautifully directed Arrow digs into its characters’ heads

I don’t talk about the direction on Arrow too much because most of the time, well, it’s fine. It’s not great or anything, but it’s fine in the way that most unremarkable TV direction tends to be. The fight scenes probably aren’t shot quite as crisply as they were a couple seasons back, and the lifelessness of season three and four’s flashbacks weren’t entirely down to the writing. But still, the direction of an Arrow episode typically ranges between workmanlike and solid, which makes tonight’s episode such a revelation. “Human Target” is so well shot that I figured some hotshot guest director had stopped by for the evening, but credit actually goes to Laura Belsey, whose background includes NCIS: New Orleans, Law & Order: SVU, Unforgettable, and both Criminal Minds and the Criminal Minds spinoff. Yet Belsey far surpasses her pedigree, directing …

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