TV Club: 30 For 30: Angry Sky

As sports stories go, Nick Piantanida’s is a boring one. He attempted a feat, three times, and failed. Nick Piantanida as a man, however, is more interesting, but not enough to save Angry Sky from a lack of depth. An extreme parachutist before that was even a thing, Piantanida attempted to break the free fall record some 23 miles above the Earth in the back half of the 1960s. Wikipedia, and the opening scene of the movie, disclose the grave results. Angry Sky, then, is a lesson in patience that doesn’t pay off as much as it should.

Like plenty of documentary subjects before him, Piantanida was headstrong, charming, and selfish. He was obstinate to an excruciating degree, and, like Into The Wild‘s Christopher McCandless, one could argue Nick was fatally reckless, perversely determined to achieve his dream (Angry Sky, even for a sports doc, achieves a …

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