TV Club: 12 Monkeys: “Tomorrow”

“Tomorrow” is largely about faith, including the faith that tomorrow will come. In every time, at every turning point, characters take it on faith that their needs will be met and disasters averted. Appropriately, the language of this episode is suffused with religious overtones.

Transporting Cole from Chechnya to Baltimore’s CDC, his military escort insists, “They’ll find a cure. They have to.” A lone woman in the mob outside the barricade cries “Where’s the cure? Why are you hiding it?” She’s so certain of salvation, she thinks only a conspiracy could delay it. Throughout the episode, people fall into the same specious reasoning: There will be a cure, because there must be.

Even Jones falls into this beguiling trap of illogic. Whitley, who’s sacrificed so much, including his own father, to the splinter program, asks for reassurance that it will succeed. “It will,” she promises …

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