TV Club: 12 Monkeys: “Divine Move”

Let’s start with the simple fact: I liked this episode. Liked it, the way Cassie might like to go skydiving, the way Cassie and Aaron like that wine they’re sipping before Cole shows up. It’s pleasantly exciting to watch. It sticks close to principal characters without abandoning the broader horizons of “Yesterday” and “Tomorrow.” It sets up some vital story lines for the last three episodes of the season. And it passes the time until the plot really gets rolling again. It fills the void.

That’s what Aaron says when Cassie wonders what draws them to skydiving and rock-climbing and other adrenaline-pumping pastimes. “Filling the void,” he says, and there’s a flicker of bleakness in their cozy evening of wine, soft music, and dim lights. He’s more right than either of them wants to admit.

When Cole walks in, their faces say it all …

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