Toronto International Film Festival: The Martian returns Ridley Scott to space, and Michael Moore takes a world tour

The Toronto International Film Festival turned 40 this year, and because it can’t buy itself a sports car or get a tattoo, it expressed its midlife crisis in another way: by adding a couple of new additions to its already-robust slate of programming. Further stoking the fires of debate between big- and small-screen partisans, the Primetime program offers attendees the chance to see the first two episodes—and in one baffling case, also the eighth episode—of several international series, including the rebooted Heroes Reborn, the second season of the French horror series The Returned, and Jason Reitman’s new Hulu show, Casual. The other new program, Platform (named for the Jia Zhang-ke film), adds a competition lineup to this famously non-competitive festival, pitting a handful of films by mostly unknown directors against each other.

Will either of these programs last? No one goes to a major international film …

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