Toronto International Film Festival: High-Rise makes for an unlikely highlight at Toronto

With an evening slot open, I try my luck with Downriver (Grade: C+), an inchoate mystery set around an Australian trailer park with a higher-than-average population of very good-looking young gay men. (Note scribbled during screening and underlined: “Direct-to-video Stranger By The Lake: water, sex, death.”) There’s an epileptic man with a keloid scar on his cheek who was convicted of murder when he was 9—victim being a younger kid, body never found—and he’s going around trying to figure out who really did it. For a while, he seems convinced that it was dingoes, though it probably has something to do with his childhood best friend, who is blackmailing the owner of a local coffee shop for free lattes and once made a local boy cut off his penis.

Admittedly, this all sounds pretty cool, and there’s an intrinsic curiosity factor to the movie’s …

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