Top 5: The cast of Wrecked can’t agree on their 5 desert island albums

We recently got the chance to hang out with the cast of TBS’s Wrecked in beautiful Marina Del Rey, California. While afloat a party barge off the coast, we sat down with Brian Sacca, Brooke Dillman, and Ally Maki to ask them a few silly questions. For our last round of questioning, we continued the desert island themed queries and asked them: If they could only bring five albums to a desert island, what would they choose, collectively? More than the last two, this question divided the trio, with Maki suggesting Kendrick Lamar’s Damn., Dillman only wanting standards, like Frank Sinatra, and Sacca throwing out wild cards like Mannheim Steamroller’s Fresh Aire. At least they can all agree on a little Prince.

Season two of Wrecked is airing now on TBS. You can catch up on the whole series on

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