Tolerability Index: This week we’re barely putting up with Donald Trump

A guide to what we’re barely putting up with this week.

Another Period on Comedy Central. It’s a comedy miracle: A funny Downton Abbey parody!

“Chippendales with hearts of gold go on a road trip movie,” Magic Mike XXL. Working tagline: “Giving Joe Manganiello something to do.”

True Detective: season two. The mystery this season is how did Rachel McAdams, Colin Farrell, and Vince Vaughn get trapped an endless bad episode of Twin Peaks?

Smash‘s musical within the musical, Bombshell, becoming a real Broadway musical. As long as we’re staging musicals based on random canceled NBC shows, Hannibal could have some really fun dance/murder numbers.

Discovery Channel’s summertime waste of time, Shark Week. Live every week like you have no idea what your participation in shark week could entail.

McDonald’s foray into seasonal seafood delights, the McLobster Roll. It’s lobster served in …

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