To The Bitter End: The tragedies of Telltale’s The Walking Dead give meaning to the game’s final choice

Games are often left unfinished. Sometimes they’re too difficult, too vast, or too repetitive to see all the way through to the closing credits. To The Bitter End is Gameological‘s look at those endings that are worth fighting for—or at least worth reading about.

Lee Everett is a dead man walking. In the finale of Telltale’s The Walking Dead: Season One, he is tasked with tracking down his young charge Clementine and rescuing her from a deranged kidnapper. But he’s been bitten by a zombie, and by the time Lee has saved Clem from her abductor, he already has one foot in the grave. The game’s denouement sees him guiding Clem through the process of restraining him in case he should turn and escaping the store in which they’ve been trapped. The final decision presented to the player is to have Clementine shoot …

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