To The Bitter End: Knights Of The Old Republic’s endings provide more proof that good is dumb

Games are often left unfinished. Sometimes they’re too difficult, too vast, or too repetitive to see all the way through to the closing credits. To The Bitter End is Gameological‘s look at those endings that are worth fighting for—or at least worth reading about.

If you rush through it, finishing Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic takes just about the same amount of time as watching all six existing Star Wars movies. Even though it’s set a few thousand years before Anakin Skywalker has to inexplicably race a pod while enduring the squeals of Two-Headed Greg Proops, it still runs through many of the same motions as the movies. There’s the Jedi training montage with a frog man. Surviving your space adventure requires the help of a Wookiee with a life debt to a thief, a small robot that beeps, and a tall comic-relief …

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