To The Bitter End: Brothers embodies the best of siblinghood when it breaks your control

Games are often left unfinished. Sometimes they’re too difficult, too vast, or too repetitive to see all the way through to the closing credits. To The Bitter End is Gameological‘s look at those endings that are worth fighting for—or at least worth reading about.

Gabe’s head fell right off his body. From the top of the basement stairs, I tossed him a miniature basketball, and when he caught it—pop—his head just slipped away in a sick, bloodless moment. The cut was clean, like what was left of his neck was made of rounded glass sitting on top of a body made of Teflon. The absence of gore made it so much worse. My big brother was gone. Just dead. Every dumb, mean thing he’d ever say and every wonderful, pristine joke we’d ever tell evaporated in a flash like so much rime …

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