Three Panels: 3 panels that show the Taoist ideologies of Batman

In Three Panels, Zainab Akhtar examines three individual panels from a comic book, analyzing how they contribute to and function within the narrative.

A common criticism in comics is that the role of the art in the medium and its storytelling function is paid inadequate, or incapable, attention. The A.V. Club’s new feature Three Panels will address this critique by selecting a comic book, introducing it briefly with an overview of plot, and picking out three panels to deconstruct and discuss at length. How does the art build or contribute to the narrative? What is shown within these panels and what can be construed from those choices? It’s not an exercise in necessarily pulling out iconic, or even aesthetically pleasing panels, but to select panels that have caught the eye, perhaps look odd or interesting, and to break down why. We will look at technical aspects, composition …

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