The Walkthrough: Whither Holt? A Brooklyn Nine-Nine writer walks us through last season’s finale

With its third season kicking off on Sunday, there’s never been a better time to revisit Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s second-season finale. Remember how Jake and Amy kissed? Like, multiple times? And how Holt might not be the precinct’s captain anymore? Gina even went with him! Plus, the vending machine broke!

Never one to let something good go without multiple layers of cautious analysis, The A.V. Club sat down with Brooklyn Nine-Nine writer and co-executive producer Luke Del Tredici, who wrote last season’s finale, “Johnny And Dora.” He walked us through not only the sitcom’s action, but also what goes down inside the writer’s room both while they’re filming and while they’re on hiatus. He even drops a few not-so-subtle hints about what viewers can expect from the third season of B99.

Note: For maximum reading pleasure, give “Johnny And Dora” a quick …

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