The Walkthrough: Bryan Lee O’Malley walks through the newly colored Scott Pilgrim series

When Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life debuted in 2004, it hit the comics industry like a hadoken to the chest. Combining slice-of-life romance with an irreverent sense of humor and video game-inspired action, the six-part Scott Pilgrim series of graphic novels is equal parts poignant, thrilling, and absurd, following a 23-year-old slacker as he fights his girlfriend’s seven evil exes and finally learns to grow up. The series would eventually become a feature film directed by Edgar Wright and a side-scrolling beat-’em-up game by Ubisoft, making it a rare creator-owned comics property that fans can experience across a variety of media. The popularity of Scott Pilgrim has led Oni Press to reprint the graphic novels with coloring by acclaimed colorist Nathan Fairbairn, and with the final volume seeing print this month, O’Malley spoke with The A.V. Club to delve into …

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