The New Christmas Canon: The Greatest Gift Of All! is a Christmas that’s as “real” as “Stephen Colbert”

In The New Christmas Canon, The A.V. Club looks beyond Rudolph’s nose and Zuzu’s petals to highlight entertainment from the ’90s, ’00s, and ’10s that’s become a seasonal staple—or deserves to.

We take an awful lot on faith at the end of every year—well, those who believe in guiding lights and Magi and miraculous oil would call it faith, but cynics, loudmouth charmers like Richard Dawkins, and children who just learned the truth about Santa Claus might call it pretending. Either way, chances are you’re putting your trust in things that seem too good to be true: that the big end-of-the-year bonus is going to come through; that an immortal elf who lives at the top of the world will bring you exactly what you wished for; that there’s finally going to be a Christmas card in Charlie Brown’s mailbox. But …

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