The New Christmas Canon: Christmastime in the Harry Potter books is the emotional eye of the storm

In The New Christmas Canon, The A.V. Club looks beyond Rudolph’s nose and Zuzu’s petals to highlight entertainment from the ’90s, ’00s, and ’10s that has become a seasonal staple—or deserves to.

Even for those who don’t celebrate Christmas, the holiday and time of year can provide an aura of calm. When all the shopping is done, the trees dressed up, the dinner tables cleared of their ceremonial hams and yams, an inevitable period of slowness seeps into the world. It’s what we do with that feeling that defines our wintertime experiences from year to year, whether we’re fulfilling an idealized scene of the winter holidays or not. Our surroundings might consist of a full family, warm blankets, and logs crackling in the fireplace, or a cramped, lonely apartment with a poorly functioning space heater. In both scenes and for everything in between …

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