Taste Test: The A.V. Club tries the new Quesalupa from Taco Bell

As evidenced by Dennis Lee’s site, The Pizzle, he’ll eat just about anything, including Play-Doh, scary-looking fertilized duck eggs, and an entire surf and turf dinner crammed violently into his juicer. But he’s also (for reasons unknown) an avid Taco Bell fan. So we sent him out into the field to try Taco Bell’s new Quesalupa and report back to us.

The Quesalupa was officially available on February 8th, but was also available via surprise preview for a short window of time on February 6th, if you ordered it online. Since large corporations aren’t good at keeping their mouths shut, it was kind of like your surprise birthday party that you knew about two weeks in advance. The internet already knew about its test run in Ohio last year, so the cat was already out of the bag.

The Taco Bell in my neighborhood is …

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