Taste Test: Game Of Thrones vies with Iron Maiden and Guided By Voices in a contest of beers

By now we are as well versed in Game Of Thrones beer as some are in the fantasy series itself, with Brewery Ommegang continuing to release new editions of tie-in beverages at a rate that has surely left George R.R. Martin jealous, wondering why he can’t just write beers instead of books. So for this fourth chapter of the “A.V. Club Drinks Game Of Thrones Beer” saga—following our previous encounters with Iron Throne Blonde Ale, Take The Black Stout, and Fire And Blood Red Ale—we thought we’d change it up by pitting the new Valar Morghulis Dubbel Ale against Iron Maiden’s Trooper Ale, to see which of these beers was more “metal.” It would be a contest whose rules are confusing and seemingly arbitrary, much like the Game Of Thrones itself.

Anyway, as so often happens on Game Of Thrones, Josh Modell threw …

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