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Great Job, Internet!: Read This: Inside the Rock Hall’s twisted and archaic nominating process

A new Billboard piece offers some behind-the-scenes insight into the creaky, Jann Wenner-centric method behind the selection of potential inductees to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. With inductions coming next week, just who gets into the Rock Hall and why is a hot topic, especially when acts like The Smiths and The Cure have languished unrecognized for years […]

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Newswire: Hayden Christensen cast as Marco Polo in all-new, all-non-Netflix-version of story

Of all the many bits of folksy wisdom about famed Venetian merchant Marco Polo, surely none is more famous than the old saying, “You can never have too many retellings of the Marco Polo story, especially if one of them is a lackluster misfire from a popular streaming service.” According to The Hollywood Reporter, Paramount is taking that advice to […]

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Newswire: Joss Whedon thinks a new Jurassic World clip is “70s-era sexist”

The trope of the uptight career woman whose dedication to her work results in things like immaculately tailored pantsuits, chilly-looking loft apartments, and emotional walls that only the right man can tear down is a popular one. Most times, this serves as a substitute for actual character development as our heroine, smitten with our hero’s skill in fighting aliens or […]

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Great Job, Internet!: Tony Stark might be recruiting on Craigslist

Gizmodo did what most of us do on a slow afternoon, and spent some time cruising Craigslist. In a patrol of the usual yard-sale announcements, forlorn-looking personals, and even more forlorn-looking lampshades, the site uncovered a highly irregular classified ad. “Being Framed Need Genetic Engineering Help” has all the warning signs of a Tony Stark cry for help. While Gizmodo […]

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Newswire: Richard Dreyfuss is suing Disney over the profits for What About Bob?

No longer content with taking the baby steps advocated by his therapist alter-ego Dr. Leo Marvin, Richard Dreyfuss has decided that Disney doesn’t deserve the kind of gentle hand-holding that the actor has never been known for anyway. Deadline reports that the actor, along with the widow of Turner & Hooch producer Raymond Wagner, are suing the company for not […]

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Newswire: Another arrest made in Expendables 3 case, surprisingly still not the director

The mission to hunt down the nefarious villains responsible for leaking an advance copy of geriatric actors holding large prop guns has claimed yet another victory. Deadline reports that a man in the U.K. has been arrested in connection with the online leak of The Expendables 3 that damaged U.S. distributor Lionsgate’s profits. Surprisingly, however, Sylvester Stallone and director Patrick […]

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