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Coming Distractions: The Poltergeist remake trailer reinvents the franchise for a post-Speak & Spell world

The first trailer for the Poltergeist remake has arrived, and as expected it appears to be building an entirely new revenue stream on top of the dusty bones of the original series’ corpse. Some things have changed—the family’s name has been changed from the Freelings to the Bowens, for example, and Speak & Spells went the way of whoever’s buried […]

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Great Job, Internet!: Watch this breakdown of how compositing was done in the pre-CGI era

Younger film fans are probably at least dimly aware that special effects compositing using chroma key techniques like blue screens existed in an era that predates computers. 1977’s Star Wars put blue screen techniques on the map in terms of popular consciousness, but variations on the matte process for combining image elements in film date back to the early 20th […]

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Hear This: Astronautalis split a dozen doughnuts with Tupac and stole the show

In Hear This, A.V. Club writers sing the praises of songs they know well. This week, we’re talking about shows we’ve seen where the opener eclipsed the headliner. Astronautalis “Somethin’ For The Kids” (2003) “I think it’s two guys with dreadlocks.” This was the answer I got when I asked my friend if he knew anything about Astronautalis, the second […]

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Newswire: Keanu Reeves and Christina Hendricks join Nicholas Winding Refn’s The Neon Demon

Looks like Nicholas Winding Refn’s The Neon Demon won’t feature an all-female cast after all, as Variety reports that Keanu Reeves and Christina Hendricks have joined the cast of the presumably highly stylized and extremely violent horror flick. The duo will join 16-year-old lead Elle Fanning and Max Max: Fury Road‘s Abbey Lee, cast as the ringleader of a group […]

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Great Job, Internet!: Here’s that mashup of Taylor Swift and Russian car crash videos you wanted

Proving that sometimes you truly can’t stop, won’t stop grooving, a video mash-up has put quirky violent twist on another viral video. When dash cam footage of a Dover, Delaware police officer showed him rocking out to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off,” it was a funny if twee little moment. But what it was lacking was the severity of consequences […]

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Newswire: Exclusive Marvel preview: All-New Ghost Rider #11 begins a fiery farewell

It’s hard to be an offbeat superhero title nowadays. The marketplace doesn’t encourage superhero books that break from the norm, but Marvel deserves credit for trying some new things in the last year. While All-New Ghost Rider hasn’t gotten the same amount of attention as comics like Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk, writer Felipe Smith, artists Tradd Moore and Damion Scott, […]

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