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Sundance: Sundance 2015, Day 2: Jason Segel plays David Foster Wallace in a terrific two-hander

For a young American filmmaker, there aren’t many career boosts greater than the one provided by a buzzed-about Sundance premiere. I sometimes wonder if any of these same filmmakers don’t end up feeling a nagging anxiety after the fact, a pressure to live up to the expectations their big breakthrough creates. With what does one chase a Sundance sensation? And […]

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Newswire: NBC knows what America wants, picks up pilots about snipers and naked women

Ah, NBC. Someday there will be a critically acclaimed Game Of Thrones-style epic about all of the crazy stuff it pulled while trying to reclaim its former glory (the monkey doctor show story arc will be especially thrilling). For now, though, we just have to live through NBC’s wacky adventures and make the occasional sarcastic remark about whatever new shows […]

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TV Club: Kyle Kinane: I Liked His Old Stuff Better

Kyle Kinane is a gifted storyteller with an innate sense of rhythm and timing, but what separates him from other comedians with similar styles is his optimistic worldview. On the surface, Kinane’s stand-up consists of self-deprecating stories about casually fucking up—taking a shit in a Chicago dive bar, drunken cab rides to Wendy’s, accidentally throwing out laundry money in a […]

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Newswire: Julia Roberts is turning the Batkid story into a feature film

Back in 2013, the Make-A-Wish foundation treated a 5-year-old with leukemia to an elaborate adventure across San Francisco in which he became Batkid—a non-canonical sidekick of The Dark Knight—and saved the city from The Penguin and The Riddler. It was very touching, and for one precious day, the world was allowed to actually feel good about something. Filmmaker Dana Nachman […]

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