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Interview: Rinko Kikuchi on bunnies, the Mako Mori test, and Kumiko The Treasure Hunter

Since grabbing international attention with her Oscar-nominated role in Babel, Rinko Kikuchi has made an international career out of strange and often silent characters. Her latest film, Kumiko The Treasure Hunter, is a fairy-tale-like yarn about a frustrated office worker in Tokyo who’s convinced the briefcase full of cash in Fargo is not only real, but the answer to all […]

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TV Club: 12 Monkeys: “Divine Move”

Let’s start with the simple fact: I liked this episode. Liked it, the way Cassie might like to go skydiving, the way Cassie and Aaron like that wine they’re sipping before Cole shows up. It’s pleasantly exciting to watch. It sticks close to principal characters without abandoning the broader horizons of “Yesterday” and “Tomorrow.” It sets up some vital story […]

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Newswire: Faith No More’s keyboardist wrote an opera about Bigfoot

As reported by Noisey (via Rolling Stone), Roddy Bottum—the keyboard player for Faith No More—has written an opera about Bigfoot. And no, you probably didn’t just have a stroke. This is a real thing that’s really happening. Titled Sasquatch: The Opera, the show will premiere as part of the “Story Binge” project from Brooklyn’s Experiments In Opera (an organization that […]

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TV Club: Grimm: “Bad Luck”

Over the past couple weeks, much has been made of the sorry state of NBC’s comedy brand. Its low-rated critical darlings are either laid to rest or fled to Yahoo!, its freshman and sophomore comedies receive such miniscule ratings it’s a legitimate question week to week if they’re still on the air, and its newest offering debute to such scathing […]

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Newswire: Boy Next Door’s Ryan Guzman joins Heroes Reborn

Heroes Reborn, NBC’s very own swirling vortex of creative bankruptcy, misplaced nostalgia, and refreshingly naive hope, has just claimed another innocent soul: Ryan Guzman, who recently slept with Jennifer Lopez a bunch (and co-starred with her in the thriller The Boy Next Door). He’ll be joining the recently cast Robbie Kay—the kid who played evil Peter Pan on Once Upon […]

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Newswire: Andrew Dice Clay is finally famous enough for an autobiographical sitcom

For a few weeks in the ‘80s, Andrew Dice Clay was the hottest comedian in the world. Bolstered by what a publicist would probably call an “outrageous personality,” Dice built a successful comedy career out of wearing leather jackets, adding bad words to nursery rhymes, and complaining about women. Since then, though, Dice has tried to reclaim his former glory […]

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