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Movie Review: Those with a tolerance for Johnny Depp goofing around may actually dig Mortdecai

When Lord Charlie Mortdecai (Johnny Depp) introduces himself first and then his twirly, recently grown mustache, the good-taste brigade, always wondering when Depp will quit goofing around, may begin to feel nauseated. Their nausea probably won’t subside at any point during Mortdecai, in which Depp plays an old-money British fop, a man of considerable erudition and questionable taste who moons […]

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Great Job, Internet!: Peruse some delightful pre-movie slides from the silent movie days

Some things never change. Even in this, the second century of movie-going as public spectacle, theater patrons still have to be formally reminded (over and over again) not to be inconsiderate cretins whose rude behavior and inconsiderate actions ruin the experience for those around them. Today, of course, the menace is cell phones. A century ago? Hats. No, seriously. In […]

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Newswire: CBS taps Better Off Ted producer to create next Modern Family

CBS became the No. 1 network in America through the strength of hits like CSI (CBS’s version of Law & Order), Elementary (CBS’s version of Sherlock), The Big Bang Theory (CBS’s version of The IT Crowd), and NCIS (CBS’s version of CSI). So it’s only natural that CBS now wants its own version of Modern Family. Reverse-engineering that show’s formula […]

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Great Job, Internet!: That very NSFW Fifty Shades Of Grey tampon scene was recreated using The Sims

It would be easy to pretend that we’re not the slightest bit curious about what a particularly noteworthy scene from the bestseller Fifty Shades Of Grey would entail. Easy to pretend that, since we haven’t (or claim not to have) read the book, but have heard plenty about the ridiculous BDSM descriptions contained within, we have no interest in the […]

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Great Job, Internet!: Give in to your Twin Peaks nostalgia with this retro synth soundtrack tribute

Although it was rightly lauded for David Lynch and company’s surreal, haunting visuals, Twin Peaks was just as distinctive and celebrated for its sonic accomplishments. Angelo Badalamenti’s laconic, synth-heavy score was key to contributing to the sense of dreamy surreality that underpinned the show, ranging from the inviting smoothness of the opening theme to more frenetic fever dreams like “Audrey’s […]

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