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Newswire: Billy Corgan has become a man, wants to be called William now

Time to don your yarmulke and write Billy Corgan an $18 check, because the 48-year-old Smashing Pumpkins frontman, experimental musician, and ex-pro wrestling promoter has finally become a man. And as part of his transition from a Smashing Pump-kid into a Smashing Pump-adult, he’d like it if you stopped calling him “Billy.” That’s a little boy’s name. It’s William Corgan […]

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Great Job, Internet!: Stock footage company creates fake fall television lineup

A lot of television series use stock footage in their opening sequences. As many people have pointed out, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and The Americans use the same shot of a little girl in their intros. Using only stock footage, the company Dissolve has created “Faux Shows,” a reel of opening sequences for generically titled fake series. The slate of shows […]

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Newswire: Danish charity invites players to buy Bloodborne with actual blood

The highly anticipated video game Bloodborne, from the makers of Dark Souls, is set to release worldwide next week. And while most players will purchase Bloodborne the usual way—by writing “FuncoLand” on the payee line of a traveler’s check—a Danish non-profit organization is offering citizens the chance to buy the game with precious bodily fluid. The charity, GivBlod, is holding […]

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Newswire: Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck to depress people on the big screen as well

When we debuted the trailer for the upcoming documentary Kurt Cobain: Montage Of Heck, people seemed as surprised by the sheer amount of behind-the-scenes footage included in the trailer as they were by the almost absurdly ironic Cobain voiceover about how happy he is. It definitely promised a depressing viewing experience rather than any kind of uplifting celebration of his […]

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Coming Distractions: Simon Pegg and Lake Bell go through their rom-com paces in the Man Up trailer

The Brit List—England’s version of The Black List, a crowdsourced ranking of the best unproduced screenplays each year—recently honored a script called Man Up, about a woman who pretends to be someone else’s blind date. Clearly, somebody thought it was great, because now we have the trailer for this movie, starring Simon Pegg and Lake Bell. Pegg’s track record on […]

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