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Newswire: Serial producers respond to the prosecutor who called them out

Just yesterday, we reported that Kevin Urick—the prosecutor in the murder case covered by Sarah Koenig’s Serial podcast—had given an interview to The Intercept in which he denounced the way the show presented evidence and its suggestion that Adnan Syed might not be as guilty as the court system says he is. Urick also denied Koenig’s claims that it was […]

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Newswire: Phylicia Rashad will play Apollo Creed’s widow in that Rocky spinoff

According to Showbiz 411, The Cosby Show’s Phylicia Rashad has joined Creed, the Rocky spinoff that we all agree is totally necessary. Rashad will be playing Apollo Creed’s widow, a woman who is integral to the Rocky mythos but—as far as we know—somehow escaped ever being referenced or seen in any of the other dozen or so Rocky movies. The […]

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Newswire: New Discovery Channel chief promises no more made-up bullshit

New Discovery Channel chief Rich Ross (no relation to Rick) has vowed to stop airing pseudoscientific bullshit on what is ostensibly an educational channel. Ross made this promise at the Television Critic’s Association press tour earlier today, telling the skeptical crowd, “I don’t think [fake documentaries are] right for Discovery Channel, and think it’s something that has run its course.” […]

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Newswire: Craig Ferguson isn’t getting a syndicated talk show after all

It seems that the plan to give Craig Ferguson a syndicated half-hour talk show has fizzled out. After months of negotiations, Variety reports that Tribune Broadcasting has given up trying to launch the new show. It had envisioned the talk-meets-variety program as a pre-primetime “showcase for the offbeat humor” of Ferguson, one that would lead into nightly primetime TV programming. […]

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