Sundance: Sundance 2015, Day One: A vulgar opening-night comedy flops with critics

There’s a right time and several wrong ones to arrive at the Sundance Film Festival. Fly in the night before, as I did two years ago, and you find yourself killing time in a sleepy ski community, waiting for Park City to come alive with the first flood of industry interlopers. As I discovered yesterday, however, being unfashionably early is much preferable to navigating the shitshow of a late arrival: Three hours in a shuttle, weaving in and out of heavy mountainside traffic, was all it took for me to miss both of the fest’s competing kickoff selections—a well-received documentary about Nina Simone, and a drama that members of the press have been affectionately dubbing “that Lithuanian lesbian movie.” Those seeking thoughts on Sundance 2015’s official first films will have to consult a less tardy correspondent.

Thing is, Sundance almost always opens soft, easing attendees in …

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