Sundance: Sundance 2015, Day 6: Shut out of Jupiter Ascending, charmed by Guy Pearce

Yesterday afternoon, on my final day of Sundance, Variety officially brought to an end the hours of speculation that have become an annual pastime among press in Park City. This year’s secret screening—the mystery movie scheduled for a “TBA” slot on Tuesday evening at the Egyptian Theatre, just as Nymphomaniac: Volume 1 was last year—would be none other than the unofficial world premiere of the Wachowskis’ delayed space opera Jupiter Ascending. Don’t let me get anyone’s hopes up, though: While last year’s surprise dose of Von Trier was something of an unofficial press screening, packed to the gills with journalists, critics were persona non grata at last night’s 3-D exhibition of the spring blockbuster. “No press are being admitted,” a volunteer told me and A.V. Club contributor Ben Kenigsberg as we tried to talk our way into what turned out to be …

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