Sundance: Sundance 2015, Day 3: Noah Baumbach and a stellar crowd-pleaser on a day of comedy

Tough choices are a part of every major film festival. How do you decide what to see and what to skip? Do you prioritize high-profile fare, which may have been selected entirely for its high profile, or do you roll the dice on something small and new, hoping to make a discovery? There’s no science to comprehensively covering a fest, especially one as overstuffed as Sundance. Even still, it’s hard to let it go when you make the wrong choice—especially when that choice results in missing out on movies that reliable sources insist are major and essential. Yesterday, on my third day in Park City, I played it safe and banked on new efforts from filmmakers whose previous work I had admired. All three were disappointments, which wouldn’t sting as much if they didn’t effectively take the place of instantly acclaimed fare I could have …

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