Sundance: Sundance 2015, Day 2: Jason Segel plays David Foster Wallace in a terrific two-hander

For a young American filmmaker, there aren’t many career boosts greater than the one provided by a buzzed-about Sundance premiere. I sometimes wonder if any of these same filmmakers don’t end up feeling a nagging anxiety after the fact, a pressure to live up to the expectations their big breakthrough creates. With what does one chase a Sundance sensation? And how does one spend all that sudden career capital? These questions kept popping into my head yesterday, as I watched a string of new films from returning alumni of the festival—including one that deals expressly with the burden of success.

That would be The End Of The Tour (Grade: A-), James Ponsoldt’s witty and moving dramatization of the relationship between the late author David Foster Wallace (Jason Segel) and journalist David Lipsky (Jesse Eisenberg). The two met in 1996, when Wallace agreed to allow Lipsky to …

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