Star Wars Wars: We finish our Star Wars Wars with a rumble: Vote for best vehicle in the galaxy

It’s been a fun ride with Star Wars Wars, our voting feature pitting Star Wars vehicles (and a tauntaun) against each other each day. Play time’s over, though: There can be only one winner of Star Wars Wars, and today our rumble decides which vehicle is the best in all the galaxy. Will it be Luke’s landspeeder, which creamed Anakin’s podracer for the best ride of the suburban teenager? Or will the AT-AT crush the competition underfoot, like it did the tauntaun? Perhaps Boba Fett’s Slave I has enough power to beat the competition like it beat the Jawa Sandcrawler. The speeder bike triumphed over the Death Star yesterday, and will give them all a speedy run for their money.

Our writers battle it out below; vote in the last poll to end the Wars and declare a winner.


Is there a more crucial …

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