Staff Picks: Vintage holiday lights and kitschy photos, plus a book of fake toys

Bubble lights

I grew up with a tree festooned with bubble lights, those Atomic Era Christmas decorations that are probably both flammable and poisonous. And yet, we had a lot of them. But over time they’ve broken, gone out of style, and just disappeared into my parents’ attic. I’ve been trying to keep the memory alive and have picked up several sets at flea markets, as well as a brand new bubble light nightlight, and let me tell you: They’re still fucking awesome. Bubble lights are bright and full of movement. They’re interesting to look at and give off a charmingly golden glow when all the lights in your living room are off. They’re a remnant of Christmas past, and they’re a conversation piece. If you’re not into the vintage lights, several companies make new, modern sets, and they’re all fairly reasonably …

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