Staff Picks: Two sing-along rock records and some pickled fruit

Back From The Grave

If you enjoyed what you heard while tagging along on Jason Heller’s guided tour of fuzzy, filthy garage rock, might I suggest Crypt Records’ series of Back From The Grave compilations for your next trip? Unlike Nuggets, the prototypical garage comp, and the many series that followed, Back From The Grave never drifts from its explicit focus on the rawer, dirtier side of mid-’60s rock. But what it lacks in stylistic diversity, it makes up with chutzpah and consistency. Crypt founder Tim Warren put the first volume (still one of the best in the series) together back in 1983 and followed it up with seven more LPs full of primitive, angsty teenage punks until 1992. (The eight volumes were later reissued across five CDs as Parts one, two, three, four, and eight. Yeah, it’s a type-A collector’s nightmare.) This year, after 23 …

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