Staff Picks: Two scores on vinyl and a remedy for cold-weather blues

Twin Peaks Original Score LP reissue

That gum you like is supposed to come back in style some time next year, but until it does, Death Waltz Recording Company beckons you back to Twin Peaks with this deluxe edition of the groundbreaking series’ original score. Pressed into “damn fine coffee” vinyl—which looks great, but is arguably more of a “fish in the percolator” motif—the reissue frees Angelo Badalamenti‘s dreamy mix of film-noir jazz and soap-opera sap from the indifferent-jewel-case purgatory in which it’s been trapped for a quarter century. Rather than overdoing the references, the package goes oblique, with a die-cut slip case that invokes both the Black Lodge and the rudimentary symbols that spell out its location, and a sleeve covered in the eerily waving pines that hide Twin Peaks‘ dark secrets. When you’re not busy recreating Audrey Horne’s swooning diner dance, take …

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