Staff Picks: Throwback radio, pocket squares, and some Pete And Pete tunes

Old Time Radio Player app

I am a huge fan of old-time radio, and am hoping that the current podcast surge will help keep this now-faded genre (time of death: 1960) from disappearing completely into the past. Before TV, radio drama spotlighted the best and brightest writers and performers of the day (many movie stars did guest spots on Suspense, and you can find all of Orson Welles’ programs under the Campbell Playhouse category), as well as the now-dormant position of the sound-effects engineer, who could make it storm by waving a sheet of aluminum. Ironically, the advent of today’s technology means that this decades-old art form is now more accessible than ever before. For my daily commute, I’m a big fan of this Old Time Radio Player app for my Android phone. It helpfully lists shows by categories, so depending on my mood, I can start the …

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