Staff Picks: Three excellent books, including one about Showgirls

P.G. Wodehouse’s Wooster And Jeeves stories

Summer in Portland this year has been almost unbearably hot, the kind of weather that makes heavy thinking almost as taxing as heavy labor. So my reading list these last few months has tended toward the light and airy, and when you want a book that offers stress-free pleasure, you can’t outdo the works of Pelham Grenville Wodehouse, dedicated master of consequence-free literary delight. I’m currently flipping my way through The Inimitable Jeeves, in which the affable Bertie Wooster and his celebrated valet fend off engagements, the allure of the theater, and of course the fearsome Aunt Agatha, and here’s the curious thing: I’m honestly not sure if I’ve read the stories in this particular collection before.

With almost any other author, that’d be a vicious insult, but here, it’s part of the appeal. More …

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