Staff Picks: Three books, each totally different and distinctly great

Perpetual Conversion: 30 Years In The Life Of Metal Veteran Dan Lilker

There’s something charming about the simplicity of Dave Hofer’s Perpetual Conversion, an effort that resembles a loving metal magazine instead of flowery memoir. Though it’s hard to truly call the book a memoir, as it’s mostly excerpts from interviews with Dan Lilker and his cohorts, Hofer paints a simple picture of man who loved metal seemingly above everything else. As the bassist for such metal greats as Anthrax, Brutal Truth, and Stormtroopers Of Death among others, Perpetual Conversion lets Lilker be the star of the show. While Lilker’s well respected in metal circles, he’s the sort of musician that only diehards know by name, as he’s moved from one extreme metal band to the next, pushing him further away from fame in the process. The book moves chronologically, allowing Lilker to …

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