Staff Picks: Small-screen swindlers, a sly magician, and an article you might not believe


I liked Bravo’s new series Imposters when I reviewed it at the beginning of the season, and with each passing week, I’ve liked it more. It’s the story of gifted grifter Maddie (Inbar Lavi), who marries rich people, then disappears with all of their money. The brilliance of Maddie is that she changes, chameleon-like, to fit the ideal of each person she’s with. When we first meet her, she’s a British Columbian waitress who’s just dumped Ezra; turns out she’s also a football player’s trophy wife and an artistic lesbian. Maddie moving on to her next mark would be fun enough, but Imposters keeps zagging where most would expect it to zig. Those three ex-spouses, for example, team up to find their mutual wife, and in the process become grifters themselves. Then Maddie and her team have to deal with a …

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