Staff Picks: Screaming Females, plus amazing records from Hinds and Cheatahs

Screaming Females

Fuck Clapton, Marissa Paternoster is God. The Screaming Females frontwoman can shred when she feels like it—Ugly’s “Doom 84” proves that—in solos complemented by beefy, gnarly hooks complemented by her vibrato-laden wail, giving some much-needed heaviness to a genre that has become just a little too precious for its own good. (God forbid there is ever a ukelele on a Screaming Females album.) My introduction to the band was their newest album, the relatively poppy Rose Mountain, but I think my favorite is their previous effort, Ugly, which engineer Steve Albini records with just the right metallic touch. It’s about time indie rock had some hair on it again—and I’m not talking about a handlebar mustache, either. [Katie Rife]

Cheatahs, Mythologies

When I reviewed Cheatahs’ debut full-length early last year, I mentioned it could be “a sort of sampler platter of the …

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