Staff Picks: Recommended viewing, from subway ballet to comedic criticism

Ballet from the cool kid of choreography Justin Peck

Lately, I’ve been finding about three minutes of joy in this short film from the New York City Ballet, which premiered on The New York Times. The video is a preview for and adapted from the new piece “The Times Are Racing,” which is choreographed by Justin Peck, who also directs and stars here. Peck—who hasn’t yet hit 30—is sort of the cool kid of choreography these days, working with music from the likes of Sufjan Stevens and, in this case, Dan Deacon. (The score for this is taken from Deacon’s America.) His costumes come from the brand Opening Ceremony. But it’s not just the indie cred that makes him remarkable; it’s also his remarkable talent and ingenuity. Here Peck and Robbie Fairchild dance in a mostly empty subway station with flare that evokes …

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