Staff Picks: Prehistoric comics, bike safety lights, and an elemental Milwaukee band


For a few years in college I worked hard to deaden my hearing by attending lots of loud shows put on by Milwaukee bands—there’s a vibrant local music scene there that produces some outstanding live shows—but since I moved to Chicago I’ve had to be content with the far inferior ear-bud variety of sound. It can be hard to unravel the objective quality of a band with the associations of happy memories made while seeing them live. But no such subjective evaluations cloud my love of Ggoolldd, who hit the scene in a big way since I left Milwaukee and whose output is a small but stellar collection of impeccably produced synthpop. Margaret Butler’s strong vocals float on top of earworm beats and sleek, layered instrumentals that sound as polished as any bigger-budget band. Ggoolldd just put out a stellar EP, “For The Night …

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