Staff Picks: Musical conjoined twins, cute kitten notecards, and a fangirl’s guide

Evelyn Evelyn, Evelyn Evelyn

There have been only two instances in which I purchased music based solely on the album art. Both times I was encouraged by my favorite record shopping partner, The A.V. Club’s digital manager, David Anthony. Though I fully expect this was some sort of mischievous act on his part, in 2010, I won out and walked away with an album that quickly became a favorite. Before American Horror Storys Bette and Dot Tattler, there was Evelyn and Evelyn, conjoined twins “inspired by their many eclectic influences—from ’80s music to show tunes…” singing songs about their depressing existence as a carnival act. It was a playfully macabre image (created by Cynthia Von Buhler) of the duo holding an accordion that caught my attention, but what endeared me to the album and it’s extensive concept is the sheer amount of imagination presented by …

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